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Board of Directors Performance

In the 2019-2020 corporate year1, the Board of Directors held 27 meetings (4 in the form of joint attendance and 23 in absentia) to consider issues and take resolutions regarding Company's various activities2.

Participation of the Board of Directors members in BoD's and BoD Committees' meetings in the 2019-2020 corporate year

Board of DirectorsAudit CommitteeHR and Remuneration CommitteeStrategic and Sustainable
Development Committee
Board of Directors memberExecutiveNon-ExecutiveIndependentMeeting attendance
Gerhard Schröder Х Х 26*/27
Igor Ivanovich Sechin Х 27/27
Matthias Warnig Х Х 26*/27 18/18 14/14
Faisal Alsuwaidi X 27/27 11/11
Hamad Rashid Al-Mohannadi Х 27/27 11/11
Andrey Removich Belousov Х 26*/27 10*/11
Oleg Vyacheslavovich Viyugin Х Х 27/27 18/18 11/11
Robert Dudley Х 25*/27 11/11
Guillermo Quintero Х 27/27 14/14
Alexander Valentinovich Novak Х 27/27 10*/11
Hans-Joerg Rudloff Х Х 27/27 18/18 14/14

*G. Schröder, M. Warnig and R. Dudley did not participate in a meeting (meetings) to the extent that the items included could carry a legal and (or) commercial conflict of interest for them.

A.R. Belousov and А.V. Novak could not participate in a number of meetings due to the business trips/vacations.

Note: the first figure shows the number of meetings attended by a Board of Directors member and the second figure highlights the total number of meetings he could attend in the 2019-2020 corporate year.

Detailed information on the performance of the Rosneft Board of Directors and Board Committees is provided in the Rosneft Annual Report.

1From June 04, 2019 to June 02, 2020

2The procedure for convening and holding Board of Directors meetings and for taking resolutions by absentee voting is established by the Rosneft Regulations on the Board of Directors.